Our Story

Our journey begins almost 10 years ago.  I read an article on sunblock and just how toxic most big brand name sunblocks are. They’re full of petrochemicals and other nasty chemicals that you just don’t want in your body.

My theory: Your skin absorbs a lot, thus you should be mindful what you put on it.  You wouldn’t eat flammable propellant, why put it on your skin? 

Already dabbling in the art of making lotion, I knew the basics of skincare. The moment I decided to attempt to formulate a sunblock came when I read an article about banana boat sunblock catching people on FIRE!!! Nope, not for me! It was then I decided I would make my own sunblock. 

After thoroughly looking into it, there is no natural and organic way to naturally block UV radiation without some kind of mineral. Mineral based sunblocks leave your skin full of ugly streaks. It doesn’t look good and it’s MESSY! Almost every sunblock with low toxicity uses minerals to block UV radiation. 

Being a believer in balance and the abilities of the human body, I decided to look at solving the problem of combating UV over exposure another way. 

What causes skin damage? UV radiation. How does UV radiation damage the skin? Partly because UV radiation creates free radicals. Free radicals damage cells. This is known as oxidative stress. 

It only made sense! If you can overload the skin with free radicals (from UV exposure and environmental factors), can you also overload the skin with antioxidants and kill free radicals? 

I thought, why not formulate a product that destroys free radicals before they have time to damage your skin cells? 

That’s how our lotion and lip balm were born. While our products do not block UV radiation, and thus cannot be classified as a sunblocks. Our products are formulated so that they are chocked full of antioxidants, so that free radicals are obliterated!!! 

Apply our products before, during and after sun exposure to obliterate free radicals created by UV radiation and environmental factors. Feed. Your. Skin. 

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